About Saaghar

Saaghar is an opensource Persian poetry software, it’s based on Qt C++ and it’s cross-platform, and available for majaor desktop’s operating systems. it uses “” database as its database.

Some of its features:

  • Outline Panel
  • Tabbed UI
  • Tabbed and dockable search widgets
  • Bookmarking system
  • Advanced Search
  • Search for Rhymes
  • Print and Print Preview
  • Export, It supports exporting to “PDF”, “HTML”, “TeX”, “CSV” and “TXT”
    • CSV: indeed is a “Tab Separated Value” version
    • TeX: uses XePersian and bidipoem
    • TXT: is a text document with UTF-8 encoding.
  • Copy and Multi-selection
  • Icons Theme
  • Customizable interface
  • Portable Mode
  • Different View Styles for Poems
  • Audio Player with Album Manager
  • Audio-n-Text Syncer

Current version

The current version of Saaghar is 3.0.0. You can find download links on: Saaghar’s download page.

Development Version

You can always use the lastest development snapshot of Saaghar from the GIT repository:

$ git clone

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Copyright (C) 2010-2017, Razi Alavizadeh

642 thoughts on “Saaghar”

  1. سلام
    لطفا لغتنامه ها را هم به این نرم افزار اضافه کنید.
    بدین صورت که با انتخاب هر لغت بتوان معنای ان لغت را در لغتنامه یافت.
    اگر شرح اشعار و نثرها را هم در برنامه بگنجانید، خیلی عالی می‌شود.



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